Is there still an option to change vaults included when viewing All Vaults?

I recently installed 1password for Windows on a new user profile on my work computer. It looks completely different than the previous version (which is fine) but I noticed I don't have the ability to hide vaults from "All Vaults".
According to:

To manage your settings, choose 1Password > Settings, then click Vaults:
To change the vaults included when you view All Vaults, select or deselect them.
To change where new items are saved, choose a vault from the “Vault for saving” pop-up menu.

But I do not have a "Vaults" area in 1Password>Settings
Only: General, Security, Privacy, Browser, Advanced, About and none have any "Vault" settings that I can find.
Please assist.

1Password Version: 80401002
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10
Referrer: forum-search:To change the vaults included when you view All Vaults


  • ali.hazimeali.hazime

    Team Member

    Hey @B_Paul, it sounds like you've installed 1Password 8 where things have changed a little. If you'd like to pick a subset of accounts or vaults to view, creating a collection would be the way to go. Let me know if that works for for you!


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