3rd time locked out of Verizon. Help!

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I've been locked out of my father's Verizon account 3 times now due to 1Password "forgetting" the hard passwords I generated and told it to "Update." The recovery procedure is a bear since 1) it's a flip-phone in another state, 2) it's being operated by someone unfamiliar with phones, and 3) I have to send and retrieve the texted verification code to access the account, generate a new password, and then have 1Password fail to remember it once again.

I've been assuming 1Password just hasn't yet updated its display with the new password when, in fact, it appears that it hasn't recorded the generated one at all. What am I missing here? On latest production software for 1P, browser, OS, etc.

(Also, a Verizon gripe: can't anyone lock out a Verizon account knowing only the customer's phone number by failing the website password check 3 times? I would imagine other carriers operate similarly.)

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    Hi @williakz

    I'm really sorry to hear about the difficulty using 1Password with Verizon. 1Password has a history of passwords that it has generated, which may help. Could you please check out the instructions in this guide, and see if they help you recover the password you're looking for?

    If you used the password generator and can't find the password to sign in


  • Nope, not in the history. I remember seeing it when the generator offered it up (and briefly considered writing the whole thing down), but that was the last time it appeared—anywhere. If it didn't involve inconveniencing other people, I'd be happy to work with you folks to troubleshoot my faulty workflow, but for now I think I'll simply get out the paper and pencil for the next, hopefully final, attempt.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    In that case I wonder if the password is getting saved in a vault that is not included in your All Vaults view (or current scope)? Is that a possibility?


  • Nope, not a wayward login somewhere else. However, when I went back into the designated vault after rooting around elsewhere, there were two additional passwords in the history that were not there before. So it looks like the whole thing might indeed have involved a delay in updating the displayed data versus what was stored (wherever).

    With two new passwords to play with, I gave Verizon another go. Yup, now I'm locked out for the 4th time. Now, my elderly relatives are really gonna start wondering about the family hotshot "computer genius"...

    Like I said, paper and pencil and slow and steady for #5. Thanks for your help, @Ben.

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