No autofill for Roll20

Hi there,
I have an account for Roll20 which is available at and also configured for and as alternative websites in 1password.
Anyways, the entry is not available for autofill for this account / site. The problem is repeatable and only on this specific entry/site ... everywhere else autofill is working just fine.
Does anyone has an idea, how to get 1Password working on this site?

Yet another 1Password User

1Password Version: 7.9.828
Extension Version: 2.2.1
OS Version: Windows 10


  • jack.plattenjack.platten

    Team Member

    Hey @ya1pwuser:

    Thanks for asking! I've just checked and didn't run into any issues on this site. Just to confirm, is your Roll20 account not showing as an option in the in-line menu, or is the in-line menu not showing at all? Just as a quick check, if you manually put your sign in info into the username and password fields, and use the "Save in 1Password" button in the in-line menu, does it work for you from then on? Let me know!


  • For me, the default-value for new entrys is presented with the option to save a new generated password with it.
    So basically, the browser extension does work in any way for these fields, but does not recognize the entry in the database somehow.
    I even inspected the site itself if the login fields are imported from elsewhere, but I can't find anything suspicious.

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