Extension locks every 10 min...


I dont know how im missing the setting, it must be the 2 days with no sleep but that aside can someone PLEASE tell me how to keep the extension from locking so everytime i click the extension icon to search my accounts.


1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: 2.2.1
OS Version: Windows 10


  • Hi @d0x360 .

    We can certainly change the auto-lock settings for your 1Password extension in the browser.

    If you are using the 1Password 8 desktop app at the same time, your 1Password extension should share the same auto-lock settings as the desktop app. Here are the steps to change the auto-lock settings in 1Password 8 for Windows:

    1. Open & unlock the 1Password 8 desktop app.
    2. Click the horizontal three-dots button on the top-left panel.
    3. Select Settings.
    4. Navigate to the Security tab.
    5. Change the Auto-lock settings according to your preferences.
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  • d0x360
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    Sorry I didn't get the notification for this because I white listed the address in the wrong email address.

    So I'm only using the extension on Win10 and I'm primarily using Edge now but it lol locks in both edge & chrome everytime the browser is closed, im idle for a few min (no sleep state) or system is rebooted. I understand the rebooted part.. sorta. I have to login everytime I use my PC so I'd prefer it also unlock the ability to use 1password. I know that's less secure but unless someone has my finger then they aren't signing on and if they do have my finger then them logging into something is the least of my worries.

    I haven't used the desktop app, I've always used the extensions but I will install that later today and see how it goes. The standalone Windows app can autofill browser fields like the extensions do right? If that's the case I'll just switch to using the standalone version on my PC & laptop. I do have another app I use that monitors my clipboard called Clipto. I don't think they would interfere with each other as I rarely use Clipto on PC, it's primarily for mobile use but data is always in sync between the 2, at least if I launch it on PC. It acts like a note taking app and a clipboard manager. I know the developer so its only in use because I personally trust it/him.

  • Hi @d0x360:

    For 1Password in your browser to stay unlocked across quitting of the browser, it's necessary to use the 1Password desktop app as well. To fill in your browser you'll need both 1Password in the browser and the desktop app.


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