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Occasional Windows Defender Warning when using drag and drop of username or password to MS Edge

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When I drag/drop a username or Password from 1Password to Edge, Windows Defender occasionally will pop up a warning "Virus & Threat protection" Review files that Windows Defender will send to Microsoft. When I look at the details, it states the file is located in C:\Users\"username"\AppData\Local\Temp\WPF. It has a random filename with extension of tb4. When I actually try to find the file it is no longer in the folder. Any idea if this is just a temp file that gets created by 1Password for the drag/drop feature?

1Password Version: 7.9.828
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10 21H2 (19044.1466)
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  • BEcrystalBEcrystal
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    Issue Resolved:
    Below is a comment that was emailed to me from Tech Support. (Thanks Tech support for the quick response)

    Thanks for contacting us! I'm sorry to hear that you're running into this issue with 1Password.

    I've tested this myself with 1Password 7, and when dragging and dropping a username to Edge I'm seeing the same behavior - a temp file is briefly created in the WPF folder, which Windows Defender immediately flags. I believe this is nothing to worry about, and is just Windows Defender being overly aggressive.

    I would recommend installing 1Password in your browser, which would allow you to more easily fill your login information without the need for drag and drop. The drag and drop feature is designed for filling in other Windows applications, rather than your browser. If you'd like to give the extension a try, you can install it from the link below:


  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

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    Hi @BEcrystal, thank you for the question, and for the update as well! It's great that you've been in touch with us directly and that one of our teammates has provided a solution. Of course, if you encounter any additional issues or have questions about anything, feel free to contact us here - or at [email protected] if it's time-critical or involves any specific / private information about your system. We're here for you! 😀

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