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I think the FastMail integration looks nice, and I have no particular reservations about FastMail in particular. However, I can't ask my family to change their email apps to get this feature, which seems to be required to get this feature, or requires a $5/user/month premium to use the email box just for email forwarding. My use case may be niche, but I maintain a vanity domain that points at my family's primary email accounts. For this integration to be useful, it just needs to be any provider that can serve MX records, perform forwarding, and hopefully offer SMTP send to simplify "send as" functionality.

There actually appear to be many (examples: 1, 2, 3, 4) providers in this space, some of which, like SimpleLogin, are open source and could even be hosted by 1Password itself.

Are there any plans to expand this integration to allow aliases to be created with forwarding services, rather than requiring an actual mailbox at a provider like FastMail? This seems like it could be a tremendous value add for the Families offering, which is where I want to use it.

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  • Hey @rosciol:

    While Fastmail was definitely an appealing initial option for us, we're always exploring other providers in the space that would be mutually beneficial for our users and theirs. Thanks for the feedback!


    ref: dev/core/core#10417

  • rosciol
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    Thanks for letting me know. I look forward to any announcements in this space. For anyone in the community in a similar situation, particularly after the Gmail for your Domain deprecation, something like Migadu's Subdomain Addressing gets part of the way there since it allows every family member to use any alias at their own subdomain. The caveats are that subdomains are a catch all (which could increase spam) and the integration to easily block exposed addresses does not exist. It would instead require a block on the mail client side.

  • Thanks for the additional ideas @rosciol! :smile:

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