Please have a real customer independently review your documentation

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Please have a real customer (not someone who works for you) read your docs and report problems. It's really annoying that I pay for this product, yet just trying to use it as described doesn't work.

In your install instructions here ( it says to use the domain "" when trying to sign in. Apparently, this isn't a valid login domain. And nowhere on the page does it say that it's not a valid login domain. Nor does it explain how to figure out what the valid login domain is.

I had to search for 30 minutes for a way to figure out what the real domain was, and your documentation didn't solve it for me. I only figured it out by going into my Android 1password app, finding the saved 1Password Account, and finding the "website" entry.

As a paying customer, I expect the documentation to provide all the information I need in order to use the software.

Another problem is the fact that I can't list all your documentation. I have to use the search function, or slowly click through page after page after page, hoping to eventually find some nugget of useful information. It's like being trapped in a labyrinth.

Bitwarden doesn't have this problem ( All their documentation is clearly categorized on the page, making it easy to find what I'm looking for. Their instructions are also complete and work for the customer.

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  • boxspring
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    I looked at the page again, and I see now that it has the blurb "you’ll need to enter your sign-in address", where sign-in address is a hyperlink.

    If I click it, I get another page, telling me what to do if I have a Team or Business account.
    Below that it finally tells me what I'm supposed to use (I guess us regular-old consumers count the least) as "".

    I get it, you're trying to keep your docs DRY. But clearly this user experience doesn't work for users who are just hunting for lines that we can copy+paste to get on with it. All the instructions for a "getting started" page should be in one page, or you should more clearly indicate to the user that they need to read multiple pages.

  • Hey @boxspring:

    I'm sorry you were running into trouble getting everything set up here. I've shared your feedback on the documentation with our documentation team. Thanks for your feedback, and hopefully we can improve on this in the future! :smile:


  • Hi @boxspring,

    Really appreciate you reaching out, it's always good to hear about opportunities to improve our customers experience! Thank you.

    We're currently working on a new documentation portal for 1Password developer products, including the CLI, which will hopefully address some of the concerns you have expressed. The portal is currently in Early Access to get feedback from real customers. It's always valuable to us to hear what you think, and as you hinted at, hearing from customers is also really valuable because you're looking at it from the perspective of real world use cases and are not biased by having intimate internal knowledge of the product. If you're willing to take part in the Early Access, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new documentation portal, whether it will resolve the concerns you've expressed above and if there's more opportunities for us to improve. Let me know and I'll arrange for you to get access.

    Thanks again for taking the time to reach out to us with your feedback, it's tremendously useful to us!

    Developer, Developer Products

  • robert1p
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    Simon, I'd be happy to provide some Early Access feedback.

  • @robert1p 👋 I apologize that we missed your message here. We'd absolutely love for you to take the EA for a spin so I've added you to the private forum group which you can find in your categories. Please keep me posted if you have any trouble finding the forum and the getting started instructions.

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