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Trouble Signing Into The App

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Long story short I signed up real quick to try it out and compare with other password managers. Lost my master password within two days. Went to setup a new account but now when I open the Windows app it only gives me the ability to sign into the account that I lost the password to and not the new one.

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    Hi @Outsidethebox, thanks for trying out 1Password - and I'm sorry to learn you've run into these issues! Our team will be happy to assist you with this and make sure everything is promptly set in working order.

    In order to do so, we'll need to give you specific instructions for your account and your device. For that reason, I'll ask you to send us a brief email to [email protected], and include a link to this thread so we have the background information you've already provided. 👍We'll do our best to get this fixed up for you as quickly and efficiently as possible in that private channel. Our team will look forward to assisting you with this!

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