Any plans for implementing WebDAV oder SFTP

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Are there any plans to implement the support of WebDAV or SFTP to store the passwords on other servers than 1Password?

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  • Hey @CologneGuy:

    There are very few things that we have ever said "no/never" to, and WebDAV is one of them. There are a few reasons as to why:

    1. We have previously tried. We actually built the feature, but it didn't work well. Despite months of effort, WebDAV just wasn't up to our standards. It was scrapped, and is now one of the very few things we've ever said "no, never" to. It was definitely a painful decision to make, especially after spending all that time and effort on it, but it was the only reasonable choice.
    2. Configuring WebDAV would be the most technically complex sync option we'd be offering. We're looking to make 1Password easier, not harder.
    3. Our focus is on, and we believe this is already the best sync experience for the majority of our customers. We're able to accomplish a lot with it that we couldn't within the constraints of other systems.

    Given all of this, 1Password 8 and beyond will only support syncing using the service. With that said however, we're toying with the idea of letting you host your own version of, either on your computer, or within your network that you control.

    As we don't collect analytics or telemetry from the 1Password apps, we simply don't know how many people have configured things to keep their data within locally within their network. Before we invest in making a standalone 1Password service a reality, we want to gauge demand for this feature.

    ✍ Take the 1Password Self-hosted Service Survey

    All information you provide will be uploaded to an internal 1Password vault using our new Secrets Automation workflow. This vault will only be shared with a select set of 1Password employees for the sake of this research and will not be shared with any 3rd parties aside from sending email updates to those who opt-in for them.

    Thanks for all your thoughtful feedback here on the Support Community! :smile:


  • CologneGuy
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    Thank you for your detailed explanation. I was not aware that WebDAV creates such difficulties.

    The self-hosted service would be very good. In such case I would prefer a package for NAS like Synology. I will sign the survey.


  • Thanks for chiming in René. :)


  • CologneGuy
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    Yesterday I installed 1password app on my Samsung device. During installation I was asked where my password database is stored. 1password offered additionally Dropbox, WLAN Server and local storage.
    Does it mean that I can host my password database also outside 1password? If so, how can I setup such a self-hosted password database to use it on mobile devices, PC and browser plug-in?

  • @CologneGuy

    As Jack alluded to above those options are being phased out. Some of our currently shipping apps do not have them, and none of what we're currently working on does. Membership is the way forward with 1Password. Self-hosting the 1Password membership service may be an option in the future, but it isn't an option today. If you'd like to use 1Password today, the way to do that is with a (or / account.


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