android will not let me select autofill. It says "open system settings, and tap 1Password. Doesn't

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Android ver12 UI 4.0
Galaxy S10 5G phone
I did the accessibility work around to get that going, but can not get autofill to turn on

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  • Hello @tshumphreys thanks for joining us on the community forum! Are you attempting to turn Autofill on with these steps: Open and unlock 1Password, tap Settings > Autofill, tap Autofill on, tap Open Settings, select 1Password, tap OK. If so, do you see an error message at any point? What happens when you select 1Password and tap OK?

  • tshumphreys
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    After I sign in on the phone, I go to settings, auto fill. Both auto fill and accessibility have error message when I try to turn tabs on.

    To allow 1Password to use Autofill/accessibility, open system settings, and tap 1Password.

    So I go into my galaxy Settings and select apps and tap 1Password. Am i missing something in the error?

  • Hello @tshumphreys thanks for that information. I'd like to ask you to create a diagnostics report from your Android device:

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