Incorrect 6 digits combination when scanning QR code for one time password (Unifi, Ubiquiti)

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When activating 2FA on and scanning the QR-Code the 1Password app creates a wrong 6 digits combination!
This number does not work, because it's just not correct.

When scanning the same QR-code with Microsoft's Authentificator OR google authentificator I receive a different 6 digits combination, which works fine.

At the moment I am very worried about the reliability when using one time passwords with 1password.

Is this a known issue and will this be adressed soon?+
In my opinion this seems to be a critical bug.

1Password Version: latest on Windows, MaCOS, iOS, ipadOS
_Extension Version:
Not Provided
_OS Version: latest


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    @technerds Issues with invalid 6 digit passcodes are usually due to time difference between the devices involved. Are Microsoft Authenticator and Google Authenticator running on your phone? Is 1Password running on a different device? Check that the device has the correct time and time zone settings.

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    thanks for your reply, I thought about that but all apps are on my phone which have the same region settings.

  • Hey @technerds:

    To confirm it's very possible your devices might be out of sync with each other. To verify, you can check the website on each of your devices. They should all be displaying the same time (within 30 seconds or so). If all of your devices are showing an accurate time, let me know and we can dig in a bit further to see what could be going on here.


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