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  • floris_1Pfloris_1P

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    That's one of the options we're exploring. One downside of that approach is that in shared vaults, someone on your team would be able to change everyone else's SSH agent behavior, while all other SSH agent configuration is (intentionally) local to each device.

  • negnetsolutionsnegnetsolutions
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    @floris_1P It's better, but still very annoying since I tend to have many terminal processes running inside of tmux and vim.

  • ragectlragectl
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    edited June 6

    @floris_1P is there any update on possible changes to the restriction on having SSH keys in the 'default' ("Personal" in my case) vault?

    I have a personal 1P account, nobody else has access to it, but I am forced to keep all my items in this "Personal" vault that are not personal items.

    Can the developers at least allow extra vaults for accounts with a single login attached?

    I understand the reluctance about using shared vaults, but I work in teams that have shared SSH keys as back-up for when network authentication fails and we have never had an issue with misuse of the keys.
    Perhaps that could be addressed by enforcing security over who can edit entries, rather than restricting use of those entries?

  • Marton.Soos_1PMarton.Soos_1P

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    @ragectl Unfortunately there are no updates yet regarding this feature.

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