login not working

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the site is not working with autofill. 1Pass fills my email/UN, but suggests a new password instead of filling in my existing one.

1Password Version: 8.6.0 80600026, on BETA channel
Extension Version: 2.2.3
OS Version: macOS 12.2.1


  • Hello @cameron666,

    Thank you for the link. It seems like 1Password has trouble detecting the login page of your website as thinks it as a sign up page. I have already sent it to the development team for further investigation. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Please be patient and stay up to date with the latest version of 1Password. That is the best way to get all the fixes and features.

    In the meantime, to fill your website, please select the 1Password icon in the browser toolbar and select Autofil on your website there instead.

    ref: dev/core/core#10562

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