Storing Just Public SSH Keys

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I like how 1Password support for SSH is right now in its early stages. One other thing I tend to store in my .ssh directory are the public keys of other systems I work with. These are particularly the public keys for SSH keys on remote servers, so that I can quickly copy them for inclusion in the "deploy key" kind of thing on Github, etc. It would be great if I could store these in 1Password as well, and even let them be in shared vaults so that my partner has as easy access to them as I do. I realize these could be secure notes or something, but now that SSH keys are starting to be a thing in 1Password being that type of item would be better. Right now it seems that the SSH support is only for private/public pairs.

1Password Version: 8.6.0-26.BETA
Extension Version: Safari extension 2.2.3
OS Version: macOS 12.2.1


  • npmeyernpmeyer
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    +1. Another use case here is for the public part of keys that are stored in a TPM or Apple's secure enclave, e.g. biometric keys with Termius on iOS ( The private part of those keys can not be exported by design, but it would still be nice to store the public part in 1Password for filling on the web or into the authorized_keys file on other systems.

  • jody.h_1Pjody.h_1P

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    Hey @alexclst @npmeyer! Thanks for requesting this. While we don't yet have plans to support storing just public keys, this is a great idea, and I've gone ahead and filed it for the team to review. 😊

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