How To: Open links from Safari in 1Password's built-in browser

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When using iPhone, I often find myself directed to Safari to a site that requires entering one of the usernames/passwords I've created in 1Password. So am I to understand that I must go get that information: close Safari, go to 1Password, enter master password, search for site in question, copy, go back to Safari, and paste?) Very discouraging process that winds up with me not even bothering. Problem exacerbated, of course, because I've created more difficult passwords to try to remember. No problem with this same scenario on the Mac because I can go to the key and just open. What am I missing?


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    Example of the issue, in case the above is not clear. You are reading your email. You get one that has a link to a news story on a site. You click the link and realize the info is available in a members only section of the site. No problem, you think. You have a membership to the site that gives you access to the member forum you need to get to. Clunk! You can't sign in without going through all of the above. AND, it's all the more difficult because you've made the password impossible to remember. Thinking that if default browser could be changed to be the 1Password browser, that would solve the problem. Or is there something else that I am overlooking as a resolution?

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    Surely the rest of you users have the same issue, no? To me it's a pretty big deal. Wondering if moderators here don't agree this is a real problem on the iPhone????

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    Have you seen the bookmarklet that lets you open sites into 1Password's browser?

    "Open in 1Password" bookmarklet for opening sites into 1Password's browser

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    @kentp, we strive to reply to all inquiries within about 24 hours. We appreciate your patience as we work to reply to everyone in the order in which they post. :)

    @jasperP has the right idea. That is exactly what the bookmarklet is designed to do: open the site you are viewing in Mobile Safari in 1Password's built-in browser so you can securely log in to the site in 1Password.

    Apple does not allow a different default browser to be set in iOS. If they did, you could just set 1Password as the browser. If they ever allow it, it will be very nice indeed. For now, the bookmarklet makes things almost as simple. :)

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help!

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