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On Fedora 35 and Ubuntu 21.10, unlocking the web extension creates another instance of 1P

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When I go to unlock 1P by clicking on the extension icon in my browser or when using CLI flags for Wayland shortcuts, instead of talking to the currently running instance of 1P, a new one is created.

I can tell it's a new instance because it won't let me use biometrics, and it adds a duplicate status icon to the top bar.

1Password Version: 8.5.0
Extension Version: 2.2.3
OS Version: Fedora 35/Ubuntu 21.10
Referrer: forum-search:Linux multiple instances


  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

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    Hello @ceiphr, I'm sorry to learn of this. We'll be happy to investigate this further and figure out what's going on.

    Could you send us a brief email at [email protected], with a link to this discussion? You've given us a great basis to get started, and over email we can discuss system specifics beyond what we could prudently do in the forum. We'll look forward to resolving this for you!

  • ceiphrceiphr
    Community Member

    Will do, thank you!

  • Hello @ceiphr,

    Thank you very much for sending us an email. Let us continue our conversation there and update the results here later.

    ref: FSA-64626-745

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