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Hello team!

A new feature that would be an amazing addition to 1password would be a QR code generator.
At the moment there are three use-cases I can think of where a QR code generator would be advantageous:

  • TOTP export
  • Wireless router // Identity QR codes
  • Secret sharing

The first one is straightforward; currently 1password is able to read QR codes when setting up TOTP for a login, unfortunately if a user wants (for whatever reason) to copy that TOTP seed to a different application/device they will have to hope the receiving application has a manual entry mechanism (unfortunately this is not always a given :/ ) or generate their own QR code based on the content of the seed.
It would be great if 1password had an option (when opening the menu for the TOTP field) to expose the TOTP seed as a QR code.

The second feels fairly trivial as well, using the MeCard format and its variants the "Identity" and Wireless router items could be exposed as QR code to share easily.
See under Wi-Fi Network config and Contact information.
Note: For contact information there are two competing standards, vCard and MeCard, long story short, MeCard is less popular but more appropriate as QRCode, vCard is more popular and less appropriate as QRCode. Maybe both are good.

The third one is somewhere between a spin on the second one and a simple link to share an item.
I could foresee 1password supporting a custom format to export entire items and give them to other people (Similar to Save a copy for later with
More easily and practically, 1password could generate a QRCode to where the receiving party would be able to retrieve the item.


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  • Hey @lightwood3983:

    Great idea! I've shared your thoughts about QR codes internally.


    ref: IDEA-I-268

  • Backspaze
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    I was just going suggest this feature as well, but found this thread when searching the forum first.

    For me, this would mainly be used for sharing credentials for wireless networks. 1Password is already able to generate the emergency kit as a PDF, so this should hopefully not be too hard implement. I did a quick search on the web a couple of days ago and found loads of sites offering this feature, but I'd rather generate the QR code/PDF document locally on my device, instead of providing some random service on the web with my wi-fi credentials.

  • Hey @Backspaze:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I've added you to the conversation I've mentioned above. Please get in touch if there's anything we can help you with in the future. 😀


  • Hipapheralkus
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    I see another great use-case => using a QR code generator for bank account. If someone wants to send me money, scanning my QR code (ideally rendered for my bank account entry) would be brilliant :)

  • XIII
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    If someone wants to send me money, scanning my QR code (ideally rendered for my bank account entry) would be brilliant :)

    Doesn't your bank App already do this?

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