Having original 1Password as well as new online version at the same time

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I had purchased 1Pasword many years ago when it first came out and paid for the app for desktop and iPhone. When getting a new phone- my original app does not work any longer on the new phone and 1Password although they say they will help, doesn't really help nor support that version. Besides getting a link to a document, nothing else has been done to actually help me. Therefore I was forced to purchase the annual subscription.

I did not want to delete my old version which works with Dropbox- so now I have 2 versions....the online as well as the original utilizing Dropbox. Should I keep both for any reason ?

If I do NOT delete my original version- I also do NOT want to see each version/ vault every time I open the app on the computer. (online as well as original w Dropbox) Can anyone shed some light on this as well how to only show 1 vault but still backup to both even though I see a setting that seems to say it only backs up to one vault...

Any thoughts ? TIA

1Password Version: 6.8.9
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided


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