Random but Memorable – Episode 8.9


Hi Folks!

It’s Anna here again, just dropping in to let you know there’s a new episode of Random but Memorable live today!

Here’s what you can expect from this episode:

Today we're joined by 1Password's Director of Security, Adam Caudill (and an unexpected rooster 🐓), to give us a 1Password Basics primer on credential stuffing and how 1Password works to keep you safe online.

We also can't peel our eyes away from the recent security news in Watchtower Weekly, but hey, it might get us access to the most prestigious eye-tracking apps – like MoviePass.

To top it all off we have a musical-themed round of Ridiculous Requirements, including bonus points for theatrically singing. 🎭

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  • So we’ve already got celebrity A-lister 1Password users, like Ryan Reynolds. But who do you think would make a good B or C-lister to champion 1Password? Gino D'Acampo? Andrew Rea? Claudia Winkleman? Someone else entirely? Let us know below!

  • dwright
    Community Member

    Great show, as usual.

    When I was listening to Adam and the recovery questions, I was thinking, ther’s a simple answer, use random answers and save them in 1Password, which I’ve been doing for a while now… And what did Adam do? he stole my idea! :D

  • Haha, thanks @dwright! I'll let Adam know he's not quite a smart as he thinks ;)

    I love answering that my pet's name is: location-landmark-ordeal 🤣

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