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This is a feature request.
I work in a business that have purchased 1Password for all employees. Each employee also get a free Family account for personal use.
Now when I create new passwords on some new website, 1Password suggests to save it and it shows "Private" vault. But I have a "Private" vault in my business account and a "Private" vault in my family account. It's impossible to see which one I'm adding to.
I would be fine with the name "Private (company name)" and "Private (Family)", or allowing people to change the name of the private vault in any other way to be able to distinguish different "Private" vault's accounts.

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  • Hey @MichaelMadsen:

    Thanks for the feedback! Our newer 1Password in the browser extension shows both the name of the account, and the vault it's being saved in:

    Let me know if that helps!


  • MichaelMadsen
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    Hey @Jack.P_1P
    Thanks, that is helpful. I just tried it with Firefox.
    I was using Safari. I guess it isn't ready there yet?

  • Yep, sort of. 🙂

    For Safari, the new interface is available in our Safari Web Extension ("1Password for Safari"), intended to be used with 1Password 8 for Mac (currently in public beta) or without the desktop app. That extension is available in the Mac App Store.

    With 1Password 7 we use a "Safari App Extension," which is baked into the 1Password 7 app itself.


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