Ability to generate access token scoped to a specific object/vault?

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Hi folks,

I found this thread from a while ago and was wondering if there's any update on this?

Is there a way to generate an access token that is scoped to a specific object or maybe at a vault level? I did try and RTFM, but it appears that access tokens are all or nothing?


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  • Horia.Culea_1PHoria.Culea_1P

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    Hey @farhie,

    Thanks for reaching out! We are currently developing service accounts, which should enable granting access granularly, at a vault level, as well as make the CLI a much more useful and viable tool for automated scenarios. Stay tuned!
    In the meantime, this can already be achieved using Secrets Automation. You can find more information on it here: https://developer.1password.com/docs/connect

    Please, do let us know if you have anymore questions!


  • Sadia.Azmal_1PSadia.Azmal_1P

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    Hi @farhie,

    I'm Sadia, a Product Manager at 1Password, and have some news that may be interesting to you. I am looking for some developers and administrators that would be interested in chatting with me about a new feature our team has been working on: Service Accounts. Earlier this year, we introduced the CLI 2.0, where users can use “run” and “inject” commands to substitute secret references for secrets stored in 1Password vaults. With our new Service Account capabilities, organizations can use a separate non-user account to control and manage access to secrets without deploying additional services like Connect.

    We are currently building service accounts to address use cases like yours and want to understand your pain-points and experiences with secrets management, and gather some feedback.

    If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] or sign-up for a 30 minute slot on Calendly. I look forward to hearing from you :)

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