AWS Console login fails to enter password and OTP

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This is not the first AWS console related topic I believe. I did not want to hijack any of the previous ones, so here is my own.

The problem:
1password fails to enter the password and one-time-password field in aws it's console: The form is a bit weird; when previously signed in you get three form fields:

  • account id
  • IAM user name
  • password

But if you access the page for the first time you have to select a user type (root in my case) and enter a username. My issue is with the second step (the three aforementioned fields), because that's the one I have to regularly access.

What it correctly does:

  • filling out all the fields when i'm using linux or windows on a pc, even when I set the browser on responsive mode to simulate that I am using a mobile phone (my guess is that AWS might have used some different form fields when using a smaller screen or something like it)
  • In Firefox on android it does fill out the username field, so the app does acknowledge I am on the right page.

Related info:

  • The console login form has a third field (besides username & password) named 'account id'. My browser has apparently has already stored that one, so no need for 1password to fill it in. But perhaps that messes stuff up?
  • I hardly ever have any problems with sites other than AWS console.

Hardware / software details:

  • Android 12 (but the problem already existed on Android 11)
  • Firefox 97.2.0
  • Samsung Galaxy s10

I have to login in this console a lot, so not being able to use 1password is pretty inconvenient and I'm really hoping there is a solution.

1Password Version: 7.9.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 12


  • Hello @tuowho thanks for your question.

    I set up an AWS account and did some testing in Firefox and Chrome. In Firefox I was able to reproduce the behavior you described with the password and MFA code pages. I could inconsistently get the password to fill (it seems closing Firefox and restarting the sign in made a difference) but I could never fill on the MFA page. With Chrome, my username wouldn't fill but I could consistently fill on the password and MFA pages.

    If you use easily type-able usernames, switching to Chrome may make sign in easier with the your password and one-time password filling. Another option to fill is to use split screen mode to drag and drop your credentials.

    I've gone ahead and filed this filling issue with our development team. ref: android-955

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