Am I doing something wrong because I can't figure it out

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When I go to certain websites and they want all my information like my name my address my zip code my phone number I thought there was a way on my Chromebook as well as my Android device to be able to do a one click fill of all that information using one password I can't figure out how to do that it doesn't seem to work Am I doing something wrong because I can't figure it out?

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  • Hey @kram5819:

    Great question! When you're on your Chromebook, you can use the 1Password pop-up in your browser to fill your Identity item information. Open the 1Password pop-up by clicking the 1Password icon in Chrome's toolbar, then search for or select the relevant Identity item, then choose Autofill:

    On Android, we're a little more limited in how we can fill, so currently 1Password for Android only supports filling Login item types.

    Let me know if that helps, or if you still have questions!


  • kram5819
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    I got it!! thank you your reply works (on my Chromebook) I'm not so worried about it with my Android device, so I'll give that a try when the situation comes up but most of the time when I need to autofill my info it's on my Chromebook & now I got it! & it works..

    Thank You!

  • On behalf of Jack, you're welcome.

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