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hey guys -- thanks for all the awesome work! There's more features coming out than I have time to test lol.
One little thing in the Mac desktop app - - Closing the sidebar is cool...
It would be great to have the icon always there — i.e. currently you can mouse click a button/icon to open the side bar, but not close it.

grace and peace to the entire team.

1Password Version: 80600043
OS Version: Mac 12.2


  • Nhat_Nguyen
    edited March 2022

    Hello @thomasoatman,

    Thank you for your feedback. I agree that adding an icon to close the side would be ideal. I also don't want to go to the View menu to hide the sidebar. I will open a feature request to the development team for putting the icon somewhere in the 1Password app. Please stay up to date with the latest version of 1Password. That is the best way to get all the fixes and features.


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