Smart credit card support with BIN lookup

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Hello team!

Currently 1password only looks up the credit card's brand (VISA/Mastercard/...) based on the card number.
Using the BIN (first 6 digits on the card) 1password could lookup more information about the card such as debit vs credit, the issuing bank, the country where the card was issued, associated currency, the card "level" (classic, platinum, etc.) and more.

For example using 458595 on you can see the type of information that could be looked up.

More importantly (in my mind), some companies (like PayPal, Google) use a database to map BINs to pictures of empty cards that match the actual card.
As an example
So it would be possible thanks to the BIN to also find a picture to associate with the credit card item that represents the physical card.

Taking the idea further, it would be possible to generate a "picture of the card" with the card details written over it so tools that scan credit cards (for example Google Pay can scan a card to add it to the wallet) would be able to scan the pictures generated from 1password.


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  • Hi @lightwood3983:

    I can definitely see how this would be useful when adding a card. While I can't promise anything, I've shared your thoughts internally.


    ref: IDEA-I-448

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