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Currently, 1password for windows app allow users to change release channels so they can freely choose to try new features early or stick with production versions for reliability.
However, I've noticed that changing beta channel to production channel doesn't downgrade the app to production version of the app, and even after changing back to production channel, I saw that the information in the about tab in the setting doesn't changed, showing me that I'm still on beta channel. The only way to revert back to production version was reinstalling the entire app.
I think it could be better if we were able to get latest updates from currently selected release channel when checking for updates.
For example, if I go to beta channel, I get the latest beta release, and if I go back to production channel I get latest production release, which is a downgrade from beta or nightly releases.
This would make switching between channels easier, and would not require users to reinstall the app.
Also, it would solve the problem that production channel being selected from the UI while the client is actually on other channels.
Please take this into consideration.
Thank you in advance.

1Password Version: 8.5.0
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided


  • Hey @sj0123:

    Great question! As it currently stands, switching release channels will download the next available version of that channel. For example, if you're on the nightly channel, and switch to beta, the next time a beta update is released, 1Password will update to the beta release. Similarly, if you're on the beta channel, and switch to production, the next time we release a production version of 1Password, 1Password will update to that version.


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