What is the difference between the personal vault and the private vault?

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I just started using 1password. I have imported passwords from other tools. I now see that I have a personal vault under my name at the top of the list and another vault called private under "our family". What is the difference between these two vaults? Is there a way to merge them (or sync them if they serve a different purpose)?

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  • PasswordSchmasswordPasswordSchmassword
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    I agree it's confusing, I instantly had the same reaction when I signed up, they should do a better on this. It's as simple as this - Private is a default vault that can never be shared. Personal is a default vault that you can do whatever you want with. I don't even have one anymore so I either deleted it or renamed it.

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    @ngiovas Sounds like you have or have had two 1Password accounts - an individual subscription with a Personal vault and a family subscription with a Private vault.

    Did you originally have an individual subscription and move to a family subscription? You can check the subscription status of each account at 1password.com.

    Is the personal vault under your name read-only or can you make changes? Do you have all of your data in the private and shared vaults associated with your family subscription?

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    Hey @ngiovas:

    As @PasswordSchmassword and @rootzero noted (thanks for the assist you two! 😎), it sounds like you may have two separate 1Password accounts. The Private or Personal vault (depending on which account type you have) is a special vault that is only accessible to you, and cannot be shared or accessed by anyone else.

    If your account is a individual account, this special vault will be named Personal. If your account is a family, team, or business account, this vault will instead be named Private. With that said however, upgrading an individual account to a family account, the account owner will have still have a Personal vault, all new family members will have a Private vault.

    If all of your data is as you expect in your Private vault in your Our Family account, then removing your individual account from the 1Password app might be your best bet. Let me know how you get on with that!


    Just to confirm, the Personal and Private default vaults have exactly the same functionality, the only difference between the two is which account type they were created under.


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