Is it possible to download a copy of the encrypted vault so that it can be saved in a safe location?

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I am investigating 1Password for possible purchase. I want to know if this product will allow me to download my encrypted vault for offline storage in my safe deposit box. Is that possible?

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  • Hi @tmpc

    1Password has an encrypted cache of your data on each device where you're signed into your account with our apps. You might consider backing this file up. The location of the file will depend on the app you're using:

    • 1Password 8 for Mac: ~/Library/Group Containers/ Support/1Password/Data
    • 1Password 8 for Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\1Password
    • 1Password 8 for Linux:
      Package manager or AppImage: ~/.config/1Password
      Snap Store: ~/snap/1password/current/.config/1Password/

    • 1Password 7 for Mac: ~/Library/Group Containers/ Support/1Password/Data

    Note that this file is not designed for this purpose, but it would be the closest available thing to what you're asking for, for now. I'm hopeful that we'll be able to build automatic encrypted backups as a feature in the future. I hope that helps!


  • tmpc
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    Hi, Ben. Thanks for the quick reply. I assume that if the file in the computer were damaged, I could just replace it with the one I backed up and 1Password would then work properly. True?

    I realize that I could just download it directly from Agilebits, but I just want to make sure this is possible in the event that I couldn't.

  • Hi @tmpc 👋

    Since you've also sent us an email about this, I'm going to close this thread to avoid duplicating our efforts. We'll continue our conversation via email. Thanks!


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