SSH and git, meet 1Password 🥰

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Good morning folks 👋 I have some exciting news to share with you all today as I am pleased to announce that we are bringing SSH key management 🔑 to 1Password for the first time. We’ve fielded requests for this capability for years (dating back to early 2012, in fact) about making it easier to manage SSH keys and today we’re making that wish come true.

About 7-8 months ago, we started having conversations with developers after the launch of Secrets Automation about the secrets that they were storing in 1Password and how we could help them be more secure but also more productive. As many of you know, developers often have to make tradeoffs when it comes to security vs productivity and we wanted to help eliminate that compromise that often occurs. In those conversations that we had, it was clear that junior developers all the way to senior staff developers and beyond all complained about the troubles they faced with SSH keys. From issues with backing up keys, protecting them with passphrases, transferring keys to new devices, remembering the correct commands to generate new keys and more we knew this was an area that we could help developers as part of their daily development workflows and make a real impact. So today, we are releasing a number of amazing features for you to start using:

  • SSH key item with key generation and import support
  • SSH public key autofill in the 1Password Browser extension
  • SSH agent with biometrics support

Dave has written ✏️ an incredible blog post that talks about SSH which you can view here and we are also releasing a brand new “Developer Documentation Portal” for the first time which aims to consolidate all developer focused documentation and give you one home for all of your docs needs. You can view our new Developer Documentation Portal here and also be sure to check out CLI 2.0 (which includes biometric unlock and lots of amazing new features) which also launched today 😄

This launch is just the start of our work for securing the development lifecycle and we want to hear your feedback as we continue to build more tools and integrations for developers to make their lives easier and more secure. We can’t wait to hear your feedback so be sure to start a new thread if you have any questions or contact our support team for help. As always, our team will be standing by ready to support you if needed.

Thank you as always for your support ❤️

Product Manager @ 1Password


  • XIII
    Community Member

    Congratulations on releasing this feature! 🎉

    (I have been enjoying it for some time in the private beta; excellent feature 🥰)

  • Thank you @XIII - we are incredibly appreciative of all the feedback you've given us during the beta. It means the world.

  • anthony0030
    Community Member

    Cool, I set it up!

    But I am having an annoying problem. I keep getting this notification and sometimes it has many stacked notifications. so I need to click allow 10+ times.
    1Password is trying to allow “Tower” to use the key “MacMini 2 SSH Key” for SSH

    Mac OS 12.3.1
    Tower: 8.1 (Build 313)
    1Password for Mac 8.7.0 80700049, on BETA channel.

  • anthony0030
    Community Member

    Is there a way to auto allow some keys for some apps or have a button "Always Allow"

  • mikebva
    Community Member

    Hello, i am also getting a lot of these stacked alerts with Tower & VS Code – is there any "Always allow" solution?

  • @anthony0030 and @mikebva, there is no "Always allow" option, however the problem of having a stack of authorization prompts show up at once should be resolved on the latest nightly.

  • attabui
    Community Member

    This is extremely cool and definitely eliminates one more step I hate having to take care of when I set up a new user environment. I used to keep copies of my keys in .zip files attached to notes in 1Password, and it was inelegant.

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