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Multiple Accounts on one website

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Hello 1Password Team,
I want to change to 1Passwort, so at the moment I use the trail version. So actuall all works well, but now I am at a point, where I have to set more than 1 Account on one Website. For exampel amazon. I have to amazon Accounts, with different emails and Passwords. But I can just see one possiblity on 1Passwort. Can I use more accounts for one website? Thanks for your help. Alexander

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    [Deleted User]
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    @eddwood If you have two accounts on a website then you need to create two login items. When you click "Save in 1Password" then choose the option to create a new login item. Or open the desktop or mobile app and create a new login item from there.

  • eddwood
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    @rootzero Thank you very much. It works. I am very happy at the moment with this tool. I guess i gona keep it.:))

  • Hey @eddwood:

    Awesome to hear @rootzero was able to help you out (thanks for the assist! 😎)! Be sure to get in touch if you need anything in the future as you get started with 1Password.


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