Introducing 1Password Developer Tools 🎉

👋 Good morning everyone! ☀️

Today is an extra special day as 1Password Developer Tools has officially launched. 🎉

1Password now includes full support for SSH keys, providing the easiest and most secure way for developers to manage SSH keys and use Git in their daily workflow. Together with our new command-line tool, authorizing services and securing your development toolchains is easier then ever.

See our SSH and Git, meet 1Password and Your CLI wish is our command announcement posts for full details. We also have a cool video.

These features are included in the latest 1Password 8 release and will be installed automatically for you soon. You can also select Check for updates... from the main menu to give things a nudge if you'd like things sooner.

Enjoy and we'll talk again soon! 🤗

1Password Founder

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