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I just tested the SSH agent and it works great. The only issue I have is that I need to type my password all the time.

Example workflow: I have to type the password when

  • I start VS Code (autofetch)
  • I open a new integrated terminal and do git fetch
  • I open a new terminal and do git fetch

While I appreciate the improved security, I will probably not use the 1Password SSH agent for the SSH keys I use daily (I like autofetch).

It would be nice to have the option to only type the password once, when 1Password desktop client is unlocked.
For added security, if possible, just a dialog without password where you approve access to a specific key (if 1P is already unlocked).

You probably already work on improving this, because I assume you are using it yourselves.

(sorry, posted in the wrong topic, please move)

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  • corbosmancorbosman
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    Same here, I really like this feature but I'm getting kinda annoyed by the constant requests to enter my password. As the agent it should just remember it for this login or at least longer than 15 nanoseconds.

  • floris_1Pfloris_1P

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    @tengl @corbosman In the latest beta, you can now configure the SSH agent authorization model to not prompt for each terminal tab, but only once per application. Let me know if that improves things for you!

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