Chrome Browser doesn't suggest any passwords

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I'm testing a family account of 1password. Me and my wife have the similar mobile phone of Samsung. On my phone, I can change a password of any account using Google Chrome without trouble, means 1password suggests a new random passwort automatically and saves it in the vault.
On my wife's mobile phone, it doesn't work at all, Chrome doesn't suggest any password, even if it's already safed or not. Autofill and accessibility is turned on as on my phone. The only difference between the phones is that my wife uses the standard keyboard of Samsung, I use Microsoft Swiftkey. But in my opinion, it seems to be an issue of Chrome, but I'm not able to figure it out and I want to solve the problem before I'm forced to pay 1password which seems to be a great tool. Does anyone have a hint for me?


1Password Version: 7.9.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 12


  • Hello @Frisbee78, thanks for joining us on the forum! Just to confirm, when your wife taps a login field in her browser no prompt from 1Password appears as a drop down menu or in the top bar of her keyboard?

    If so, there could be a few different things affecting Autofill. I'd like to ask that your wife creates and sends in a diagnostics report from her Android device. This should help us dive into the issue a little deeper and help figure out what's going on:

    Sending Diagnostics Reports (Android)

    With her email she can include a link to this thread and a brief description of the issue. Thanks very much!

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