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I'm a longtime user of 1Password, having bought licenses for 1Password versions 4, 5, and 6. When Chrome's latest update finally broke the classic 1Password extension's ability to autofill in Chrome, I decided to upgrade and move to the membership model.

1Password v.7 organizes vaults differently and has a number of changes to how users can choose to sync data. I asked questions about these changes in a post on the 1Password Support Community site (https://1password.community/discussion/128111/questions-after-upgrading-to-1password-7-from-1password-5). That post got no response.

So I copied & pasted that post into an email to support @1password.com. That got a response from Ethan, who answered some of my questions but not others.

I immediately responded to Ethan's email and asked for clarification on the questions he didn't answer. No response from Ethan.

I followed up with another email asking why he hadn't responded. Silence.

1Password Support doesn't offer a live chat function, and the Support staff clearly doesn't respond quickly to emails. Support staff members also don't make a personal commitment to resolve issues by sticking with them; each email response seems to come from a different staffer, so there's no way of having a continuing conversation to solve a problem or get questions answered.

This is very poor customer support for a company using a subscription model. I'm strongly tempted to go back to using 1Password v.6 and just give up on autofill. Trying to get questions answered by 1Password Support is just too frustrating.

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  • Hey @organleroy:

    Thanks for reaching out, and I'm sorry to hear about the experience you've had recently. I've just responded to your linked post, and I hope that has helped clear up some of your questions regarding the changes in 1Password 7 and 1Password accounts.

    As you can imagine with this change introduced in Chrome and 1Password 6 for Mac, we're a bit busier than we usually are. We make every effort to respond to all messages within 24 hours, but that can depend on workload.


    ref: ADG-15575-487

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    1Password support truly sucks. I have been a longtime user and have recommended 1Password to many clients. I recently purchased a family account. I have tried to get email support and it takes them DAYS to respond to my request or question. Seriously? By the time I get the email, of course, I have moved on and forgotten where I was in the truly excruciating process of migrating my data from a personal account to an online account. It's enough o make me want to switch to LastPass, which I am considering if they don't get back to me sooner. Help now!!!

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