Is there a Two-Step Verification when login to 1Password? (2fa login)

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All of my passwords are all in 1Password. Is there a Two-Step Verification in addition to the user name and password? I want 1Password to require a second method such a code being require in addition to user name and password.

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  • tyler_
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    Hey, @OtisNJay! Yes, you can add two-factor authentication to your 1Password account as well as items saved to 1Password.

    To set up two-factor authentication on your 1Password account, log in to your account in a web browser then go to the Profile page, click the More Actions... button in the left pane, click the Manage Two-Factor Authentication button in the menu, and follow the instructions shown.

    To set up two-factor authentication on an item saved to 1Password, select the item in the Android app, tap the Edit action with the pencil icon in the top app bar, tap add new section, tap add new field, and tap One-Time Password from the menu. At that point, you can scan a QR code from another device or enter a string of characters into the one-time password field if the site has that option.

    You can find more information about one-time passwords on the 1Password Support linked below.

  • OtisNJay
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    My gosh... it never occurred to me to sign-in to the account on the web. I was opening my account from the app and couldn't understand why I was not finding what I was looking for... even after reading information on the support page.
    I had totally forgotten about the access to my account via the web. Once I got there, I was able to get 2fa setup just fine.

    Thank you so very much.

  • Great! I'm glad you were able to find what it. You're welcome!

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