How do y'all organize your items (in practice)?

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So I've just discovered 1password CLI (despite being a 1password user for years now). The ability to template config files and inject secrets into .env files is immediately beneficial for my team!

Currently, we save a whole bunch of config files as secure notes or even download-able documents. This really feels inelegant. Our use of vaults isn't very sophisticated: we have a vault for each deployment environment (local, staging, and a production).

The vaults are just a chaotic mess. Formatting is inconsistent between items, and across vaults. API keys are sometimes stored as notes in login items, sometimes they get dedicated items (though never the API Credentials item).

I'm looking for some real-life systems that other people have implemented to make it so their teams/business vaults were more organised and a bit ready for use with 1password CLI...

1Password Version: 8
Extension Version: 2.3.2
OS Version: Windows 11


  • Hi steven_appleseed and thanks for joining the Community! Your question is a good one and a bit of a challenge, since each business may have their own unique configuration and preferential way of utilizing their vaults and files. May I suggest taking a look at our business webinars to see if they might provide some insight, that you might find helpful?

    If your question is more focused on actual file formatting, then let us know and we'll assist with that, as well. Thanks!

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