login not filling

I'm unable to get 1Password to fill the login/password at To reproduce, go to, click Sign In. No pull down menu when hovering or clicking in the login/email address field, and clicking on the 1Password icon in Safari's toolbar and clicking Autofill does nothing. Copy and paste works though.

1Password Version: 1P for Mac 8.7.0(80700041, on BETA channel)
Extension Version: 2.3.1
OS Version: macOS 12.2.1


  • Hi @mirv:

    I definitely can see how this would be frustrating. I was unable to replicate the issue you're running into with 1Password for Safari. Are you still running into trouble? Let me know, and I'd be happy to dig in further with you.


  • mirv
    Community Member

    Well it is working now. Not sure what the problem was.

  • Glad to hear it's working now @mirv! Feel free to get in touch again if you run into trouble with filling your CVS login information, and I'll be happy to investigate further. 🙂


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