How do people handle sharing a single login over multiple vaults?

I'm loving 1Password and it's made a huge change to our security behaviour at work. However, there's a repeat issue which I just can't solve...shared passwords.

We have maybe 20 vaults across the business, some by dept, and others by seniority (IT admins etc). Some logins are needed across multiple vaults and we cant just give users full access to the vault. I know you can use the share option, but that's different and time limited. You can copy the login between vaults but it doesn't maintain sync when the password changes.

I don't want to go down the route where each login has to have its own vault as it becomes an admin nightmare. So, how do people handle it?

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  • ag_max
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    Hi @JohnMorris,

    To start, I'm very glad to hear 1Password is making a positive impact on your security behavior. To the sharing problem you brought up, my recommendation is to limit the use of copies and create new vaults as needed:

    • For items only specific teams need to access, you could create a vault intended for both teams (or use custom groups with 1Password Business) and share the vault with them. For example: Dev Ops + IT
    • For items specific individuals across teams need to access, you could create a vault and share it with those individuals only on an as needed basis.

    This ensures you're able to make changes to a single item and better control access. Additionally, you won't need to maintain separate copies that won't sync when a change is made. I do fully see how having to create multiple vaults can be a bit tedious to manage as an admin, though many teams have found this to be a working solution.

  • JohnMorris
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    Ok thanks, we will carry on doing that then and see if there's an easier way to get around single item vaults.

  • Happy to assist, @JohnMorris. Please feel free to reach out again if our team can help.

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