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I am so fed up with the password generator's limited options. The auto generated password never really works, I need to manually edit the passwords every single time. Here's an example from Lufthansa's

The most annoying that I cannot add automatically a number, or limit the length of the passswords. Because four full words is often more than 20 characters.

While the requirements are usually the same nowdays on most websites:
1. At least 8 characters, maximum 16 or 20 characters
2. At least 1 lowercase letter
3. At least 1 uppercase letter
4. At least one digit
5. At least one special character

It is impossible to set the criteria in the password generator to match all the criteria.

And then as soon as I need to edit it, all the pop-up features for saving are broken down. I have to start some funky copy-pasting manually, trying not to close the opened pop-up windows.

Please fix this, this is a password manager, it should work flawlessly to generate new passwords, to the criteria that websites need.

And please make sure that the browser plug-in and the desktop app has the same features for generating passwords. This is because if I start to add a password on the web, if I want to add a number for example, and save it, it will immediately bring up the desktop app.

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  • Hi @FlyingFish123:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! 1Password in the browser has a feature that might be what you're looking for, the Smart Password functionality.

    Smart Passwords include symbols, numbers, as well as both uppercase and lowercase letters. Additionally, if you're using Smart Password as your default password generation option, 1Password will use both the passwordrules attribute on the field, if available, or check a list of password rules collected by our friends at Apple.

    A smart(er) password generator | 1Password

    Let me know if smart passwords work well for you, or if you're still running into places where 1Password isn't generating passwords as expected!


  • FlyingFish123
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    Hi Jack, thanks, I know about the smart password feature.

    Actually, I never use it, because the passwords are extremely hard to type, too many errors when I need to type them manually.

    I use always the memorable password.

    I would need 1Password to fully respect the usual rules for all / memorable types of generated passwords.

    For two reasons:
    First: too often, copy paste simply is blocked in the password field, if not the first, then in the verification field. And I need to type it manually, twice. Try doing this on the phone or by switching Windows on the desktop, trying remembering jibberish. Almost impossible to type correctly a 10+ long arbitrary string at one go. Minimum 3-4 segments switching Windows, and at least one error correction. Would you be able to repeat a random character string of 12-16 characters? I doubt it.

    Second, for a few passwords, I do need to remember.

    I don't see why this feature is missing, why 1Password cannot generate a memorable password, with all the usual rules for new passwords.

    I think this is an essential feature for a password manager, not a nice to have or bonus feature. Although, it's not just 1Password, the others have the same issue, Roboform, LastPass, Dashlane, NordPass, etc. none of them can generate a fully compatible memorable password. If they could, I would have already switched over.

    Now I use always other password generators, as I got tired of correcting the passwords in 1Password, for example these can respect all the rules:

    But it's a shame I pay so much for a family licence, and I need to generate passwords elsewhere... each time I recommend 1Padsword, I tell them "... but for the Password gemerator, you need to correct it, or use these links".

    I use Android 12 and Windows 10, we have 6 laptops (each with two users) and 3 phones in the household. A struggle on each of them...

  • Hi @FlyingFish123:

    Thanks for your feedback on this. While I can't promise anything, we use feedback like yours to help improve the future of 1Password.


  • ich
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    Not sure if I'm allowed to hijack that that post, but the title fits perfectly I just would love a different feature.

    And that would be copy pasting the allowed special characters and somehow enter it in the password generator. Sort of like a whitelist field "only use those".

    The intelligent password quite often isn't working for me ...

  • rr0ss0rr
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    I'll +1 @FlyingFish123

  • FlyingFish123
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  • @ich, @rr0ss0rr, @FlyingFish123

    Thanks for the votes, folks - we'll be sure to add your voices to this request! 👍

  • BesieDai
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    I also want to bump this, I just upgraded to 1Password 8 desktop and thought the password generator would have evolved, but not really. Probably 70% of all the passwords I create these days I do so on a computer and require some kind of manual input from me to massage the password for the following reasons:

    • I still want a memorable password, because it's likely I'll have to manually type it some day (just an aspect of my workplace environment)
    • they require a number
    • they require one or more special characters which either can't be hyphens or must be in addition to the hyphens.

    Sometimes the requirements are so strict (i.e. can't have the same class of character next to each other) that I must go with a random password, and in those cases I'm almost always editing because of the character restrictions (can't have periods, backslash, parentheses, etc.)

    What I would hope from 1P is a twirl-down for "Advanced" options where, like @ich mentioned, we can fill in a whitelist which the website usually provides for us. I know this is the fault of these websites, and that they obviously don't understand security when they're forcing their non-password-manager-using population to write down these needlessly complex passwords, or setting character caps at less than 30, or disallowing intelligible words... but I would rather mend our tools than simply hope for all the webmasters in the world to come to their senses.

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