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Hi, I've found a few posts about being able to hide the reveal button for specific team members, but my settings do not show this option. Is this function still available?

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  • Hi @cgray

    This functionality is certainly possible when using 1Password Business. This account type has access to granular user and group permissions on vaults. The relevant permission here is View and Copy Passwords. If a user or group lacks this permission for a shared vault, they will not be able to reveal or copy any of the password fields for saved items stored in that vault inside any of the 1Password applications or web extensions. They will still be able to use 1Password in the browser to fill those passwords on the sign-in pages of websites.

    You can read more about the various permissions in 1Password Business in this support article:

    Create, share, and manage vaults in your team

    As great as a feature this is, it should be viewed mainly as a deterrent, as we can only guarantee true compliance within the 1Password ecosystem of applications and web extensions. When 1Password is invoked by a team member to fill this password into a browser, they might still obtain the password by using the developers’ tools on that web page, or by clicking the "Show password" icon from the website itself. If you're interested, we cover this and more in this support article and our Security Design white paper.

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