Clicking system tray applet (AppIndicator) opens Seahorse (Passwords and Keys) in Gnome

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I'm running 1Password under Gnome (42) with an extension to enable AppIndicators. The tray icon shows up with the familiar 1Password icon and correct status, but when I left-click it I instead get Gnome's Seahorse (Passwords and Keys) password manager show up, rather than 1Password. I can right-click the icon and open 1Password that way, but I should be able to open 1Password by just clicking its icon, no?

1Password Version: 8.6.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Debian bookworm (testing)


  • Hi @bootc, thank you for this report. Could you let us know what extension you're using? In the meantime, I'll be happy to follow up on this internally and see what we can reproduce. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention!

    ref: dev/core/core#14435

  • bootc
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    Hi @PeterG_1P the browser extension is irrelevant as the issue happens even when the browser is closed - it's the system-level AppIndicator / tray icon that opens the Gnome keyring app. The browser extension is fine, but I'm running 2.3.2 if you insist.

  • Hi @bootc. This is indeed surprising behaviour. I've been unable to reproduce this on my own Fedora machine, would you mind providing a little more information about your setup? A few points come to mind that may be relevant here:

    • Are you running a Wayland or X Gnome session?
    • Was this occurring on Debian testing as your message's footer suggests?
    • How did you install 1Password (ex. Flatpak, Snap, .deb, ...)?
    • What version of the Gnome appindicator extension do you have installed?
    • Do you have any other Gnome extensions installed?
  • Hi @bootc, apologies for my earlier misunderstanding of the issue. We're looking to investigate this one proactively - would you be able to create a diagnostics report from the app and send it to us at [email protected]? That way our team can dig into this in-depth for you. Thank you again for your reporting of the issue!

  • bootc
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    Hi @Mathieu_1P, some answers to your queries:

    • This is on an Xorg session. I tried a Wayland session a while back and I think I had the same issue, but tray icons are a bit dodgy with that anyway.
    • This indeed occurs on Debian Bookworm (testing). I haven't really tried this on Bullseye (stable).
    • This happens on amd64 with the 8.6.1 .deb from your repo, and on arm64 with beta 8.6.0-68 tarball.
    • I'm actually using Tray Icons: Reloaded. I notice the Ubuntu AppIndicators extension just opens the menu when you click it, so that may be the significant difference here.
    • This happens with no other Gnome extensions enabled at all.

    @PeterG_1P please let me know if you still need this, given the above info.

  • zigford
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    Following as I experience the same issue

  • conradhaupt
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    I believe I've found out why the issue occurs. It appears that "Tray Icons: Reloaded" searches all applications for the Window Manager Class, which is reported as "Password" for 1password (see this line in the extension source-code). The extension uses the function "lookup_app" here, which returns a list containing all applications that match the term "Password". This includes Seahorse and even Gnome User Accounts Panel where users change their passwords. The extension takes the first match as correct, as "lookup_app" orders by some score, and thus Seahorse is launched. I believe this is an issue with the extension and not 1password.

  • AliH1P
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    Hey @conradhaupt, thanks for reporting your findings here. I'll add your comment to the internal issue we have filed 👍


    ref: dev/core/core#14435

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