Starting the Automated SCIM Bridge Deployment to Docker Swarm. Path to your scimsession file?

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Running Centos 7, docker swarm init on the same host.

Nothing in the doc mentioning creating or location of scimsession file

Add your scimsession file as a Docker Secret within your Swarm cluster.

Deployment script phase.
Fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) you are deploying to [e.g: '']:
Path to your scimsession file: ?

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
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  • Hi @LazP. Thank you for reaching out. 🙂

    I apologize if I'm misunderstanding your question, but it seems like you would like to know how to obtain the scimsession credential file. Is that correct?

    The scimsession file is generated for your account, along with the corresponding Bearer Token, during the setup procedure for automated provisioning. Getting started is covered in the automate provisioning in 1Password Business using SCIM article on our support portal.

    Alternatively, did you manage to obtain the scimsession file, but you are struggling to deploy it with your configuration?

    Providing a bit more detail on the steps you followed and where you got stuck will help me provide more specific support.

  • LazP
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    I was able to obtain the scimsession file. I ran through the Docker Swarm Automatic instruction using the

    After deployment the SCIM bridge reports the following error.

    ERR certificate manager error error="[] Obtain: [] solving challenges: no solvers available for remaining challenges (configured=[tls-alpn-01] offered=[http-01 dns-01 tls-alpn-01] remaining=[http-01 dns-01]) (order= (ca=" application=op-scim attempt=4 build=203011 component=CertificateManager elapsed=358.29742 retry_time=300 subcomponent=certmagic version=2.3.1

  • Hi again @LazP. Thank you for the reply and sharing more details.

    I noticed that you also have a ticket with our support team for this issue. If it's alright with you I will continue my investigation and respond to you directly on the open support ticket.

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