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Is the Appearance Preference on the horizon for IOS?

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The UI definitely needs a “Compact” option.

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  • dustin555dustin555
    Community Member

    I second this one.
    Would also like a way to change the user account and vault icons.

  • viswizviswiz
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    It‘s definitely missing. Additionally I would like to show/hide sidebar items from the preferences just like the desktop apps do.

  • MrCMrC
    Volunteer Moderator

    Just found this thread as I was looking to post the same - the vertical spacing in the sidebar seems a bit too child-friendly.

  • volcom45volcom45
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    I also miss the ability to quickly jump to an alphabet letter in the logins list from 1Password 7. When you have 150 logins, it's a lot of scrolling to get down the list unless I'm missing something..

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