Firefox 98 on macOS: clicking 1Password icon never resolves to password prompt

When I click 1P icon to unlock in Firefox, the password prompt never appears (spin, spin, spin…). If I click then click away then click icon again I get the prompt.

1Password Version: 8.7.0
Extension Version: 2.3.2
OS Version: macOS 12.3.1


  • jelikerjeliker
    Community Member

    It's not just Firefox, Safari as well.

  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

    Team Member

    Hi @jeliker:

    This definitely isn't the experience we want you to have when using 1Password in your browser. Just as a quick first step, can you restart your Mac? Let me know if that improves the state of play for you.


  • jelikerjeliker
    Community Member

    I've restarted a number of times for various reasons and the problem persists even with the 2.3.3. version of browser extension. I checked just today and see the same: click icon to "unlock" and I get spinning "Loading...." It's to the point now where I click, click, click to show, hide, show again where I can enter my password to unlock.

    I'll keep watching for some pattern but seems to be after each time it auto-locks and it's per browser (all browsers have the same after I return following an auto-lock span of time or event).

  • ag_chantelleag_chantelle

    Team Member


    That definitely doesn't sound right. If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you to grab some diagnostics for us, so that we can have a deeper look:

    Send the log and diagnostics to us at [email protected] with a link to this discussion. One of our team members will have a look and see if we can remedy things for you.

  • jelikerjeliker
    Community Member


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