seeking info on 1p terraform provider

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We use terraform to manage a wide range of resources in our company.

I'm exploring the options for using terraform to manage our 1p Business account.

I'd like to get some info on if this is currently worth pursuing in terms of things any current providers can/cannot manage.

Searching around the forum, I ran across this provider. Is this one the most commonly used provider for 1p?


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  • Hi @wagnerone

    Our Integrations team will be happy to help. First, to ensure no private information is shared on this public forum, I've gone ahead and created a ticket in our email system. One of my colleagues will reply as soon as they're available. There may be a delayed response until Monday or Tuesday because of the holiday weekend, just so you're aware.

  • wagnerone
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    Great! Thank you.

  • You're very welcome, @wagnerone.

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