Excessive SSH Key Requests



  • floris_1Pfloris_1P

    Team Member

    @tonkku107 @Panzer1119 We've made some improvements for Linux, which will most likely also improve prompting frequency in Dolphin, and a fix for Git on Windows. Those updates be in next week's beta, but they're already available today on the nightly/edge channel. Let me know if that improves things for you!

  • Panzer1119Panzer1119
    Community Member

    Yes it works, it asks once (e.g. Git pull in JetBrains IDE) and then (as far as i have tested it) not again while the application is unlocked.

  • tonkku107tonkku107
    Community Member

    @floris_1P I am still getting excessive prompts from Dolphin in 8.9.0-1

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