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If we compile all of our logins and password in a sheet, can we import it as a .cvs file?
How do we do this?

What is the layout of the sheet that is needed to be translated over properly when importing?

How many team members can we invite?

Can you please help to explain how the "server login" works? Do we need all of the fields or just the website address and password will do?

Our team will connect to our client's server equipment remotely, will the 1password app/browser recognize the login through a remote connection?

What info is needed for 1password to recognize which login to use for the "server login"?
IP address of the server?
Recognizes windows active directory?

Is there a limit on how many vaults we can make?

Is there a limit on how many groups we can make?

Thank you!

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  • Hi @DearRose:

    It looks like my colleague, Sarah, replied to your email message a few days ago. Did you receive it? Let me know!


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