Request: Please Expand The Apple Watch 1Password App As Part Of 8.x & Beyond

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I’d really love to see the 1Password app go “all in”, because I believe it has a lot of potential. Specifically, I’d like to see more details of items, such as other fields like the Notes section of an item. I’d also like features I haven’t even thought of, such as the ability to add a new item (maybe a Secure Note or something), because I know the 1Password team would come up with something great.



  • Hello @nimvio! 👋

    I'm glad to see your enthusiasm for the Apple Watch app! I can definitely see how being able to view things like notes on the Apple Watch or being able to create new items would be useful and I've added your suggestions to our internal tracker so that our developers are aware that you'd like to see these features in the future.

    Thank you for writing in with the suggestions! 😊

    ref: IDEA-I-852
    ref: IDEA-I-854

  • elmocito
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    I can just approve this message. I don't get why 1P has AW support on Version 7 but not on 8 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • telephoneman2
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    from my side - I frequently used this AW App when I needed PW or PIN while "on the run" - especially those ones I don't have in my brain. With 1PW8 the AW App is gone - please bring it back

  • martiko
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    Due to the lack of Apple Watch App, I downgraded to 1P7, it is essential for me to lookup PINs on my watch without having to take out my phone.

    For me the lack of Apple Watch App for 1P8 is an absolute No go!

  • JPortugall
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    The lack of support for the Apple Watch in version 8 would have been an essential information before upgrading. 😱🤦🏼‍♂️😢

  • tginther
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    I just left the same comment in another thread. It is inexcusable we were not made aware the upgrade to v8 would actually be taking away AW functionality. I would have never upgraded. If it doesn’t come back soon I’ll go to something different. I am not happy with what just happened and I’ve been using 1PW since before v1

  • JPEwing
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    Add me to the list of people who feel 1PW for Apple Watch is an essential part of my workflow. Once I found out that there was no Watch app, I immediately redownloaded 1PW 7 to restore the functionality lost. I am currently running versions 7 and 8 concurrently on my iPhone. I’m glad it works, but is not a good experience, especially when I’m paying a subscription. Please bring the watch app to 1PW 8!

  • dirkhemmerling
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    You can add me too. I’m a great fan for years now - but the Apple Watch App is‘n essential part of my workflow - as described above. Please bring it back!

  • MackL
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    Me too, please add me to that list.

  • ag_tommy
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    I added you in your other post. So you're in there. 😉 I've also got the others above.

    ref: IDEA-I-1540

  • Norwalt
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    I, too miss this being on my Apple Watch. The ability to keep and retrieve a few, critical passwords on my wrist allows me to (more) quickly retrieve the necessary information without having to sign in and search on the iPhone or iPad application. This is a convenience sorely missed….

  • Hi folks:

    We’re actively working on an Apple Watch app and we’re very excited about it. We weren’t able to get it in the initial launch but it is coming soon. 🤗 Until then you can run 1Password 7 alongside v8 to use the Watch app in that version.


  • How's it going? 🖐

    Have you seen our new blog posting? As of today, 1Password 8 for Apple Watch is available:

    Community - Announcing 1Password 8 for Apple Watch ⌚️

    Blog - Introducing 1Password 8 for Apple Watch

    More exciting things to come.

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