Request: Please Expand The Apple Watch 1Password App As Part Of 8.x & Beyond

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I’d really love to see the 1Password app go “all in”, because I believe it has a lot of potential. Specifically, I’d like to see more details of items, such as other fields like the Notes section of an item. I’d also like features I haven’t even thought of, such as the ability to add a new item (maybe a Secure Note or something), because I know the 1Password team would come up with something great.



  • Dave_1PDave_1P

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    Hello @nimvio! 👋

    I'm glad to see your enthusiasm for the Apple Watch app! I can definitely see how being able to view things like notes on the Apple Watch or being able to create new items would be useful and I've added your suggestions to our internal tracker so that our developers are aware that you'd like to see these features in the future.

    Thank you for writing in with the suggestions! 😊

    ref: IDEA-I-852
    ref: IDEA-I-854

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