It is not possible for 1PasswordAnywhere to work in the Dropbox mobile app

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Attempting to read the 1PasswordAnywhere HTML file from inside the Dropbox app produces an error message that the key data file could not be loaded. It's the encryptionKeys.js file at issue. Reading the HTML file from the Dropbox website (using safari on the iPad) works fine. Reading the HTML file from my Mac (via the Dropbox website, or locally in the dropbox folder) also works fine. I have removed and replaced the Dropbox app on the iPad and waited for it to re-sync. Dropbox correctly reflect any other change I make to files or folders. Lastly, I have rebuilt the data file and cleared the cache on the Mac. I have previously been able to access the html from within dropbox.

1Password version on the mac: 3.8.21

Any ideas? I've tried most of the things I've seen in other related threads…



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    Sorry for any confusion, John. Everything you describe is expected behavior.

    It has never been possible to access 1PasswordAnywhere via the Dropbox mobile app because the Dropbox mobile app only loads the single file you are opening (i.e. 1Password.html). It won't load all your data which 1Password.html needs in order to function (i.e. the hundreds of .1password files that contain your actual data).

    The Dropbox web interface has hooks on the backend to load it all at once, though, so that's why you can access 1PasswordAnywhere via the Dropbox website as specified in the User Guide.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know how it goes!

  • Thanks, I stand corrected then. I was sure I'd previously been able to do this within the dropbox app. Ah well, another fact to tuck away for later… Thanks for the swift response! Now if only I could afford an new iPod Touch, I could upgrade 1Password there too.

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    I'm glad I could help solve the mystery. :)

    Best of luck saving for that iPod touch!

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