1Password Beta with Chrome add-on has weird effect


I'm running 1Password for Mac (Version: 8.7.0, Build: 80700109) on macOS 12.3.1 (Latest Version) and with the Chrome add-on (Chrome Version: 100.0.4896.127, Add-on Version: 2.3.3), and when I click the little locked 1Password icon on a login field, it opens the main desktop app to get me to log in, rather than the previous: click the "locked" button, use Touch ID, 1Password unlocks.
Don't know if this is intentional, just find it very annoying it leaving the desktop app open after it is minimised just to unlock the browser app.

1Password Version: 8.7.0 (80700109)
Extension Version: 2.2.3
OS Version: macOS 12.3.1


  • rob

    Hi, @andreww__j_.

    I think this should only happen when you need to unlock 1Password using your password, rather than with Touch ID. Is that what you're seeing? This happens if the laptop is closed (because Touch ID is unavailable) or once every couple weeks so that we can help make sure you don't get so used to Touch ID that you forget your password.

    If I'm off base, though, let me know.

  • andreww__j_
    Community Member

    Hi @rob
    That seems about right as yes, it doesn't do it every time, only once in a while.


  • rob

    Ok, sounds good. Thanks for the confirmation. 👍

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